Téma: KeppaBit | Discounts & Promo codes to Webflow, Notion, Stripe, Airtabl

Problem: People pay thousands for SaaS like Notion, Airtable, Stripe, Webflow. Not all of us have big budgets.
Solution: A product that gives access to these softwares 10 times cheaper.

- Access to discounts courses (worth $400,000+)

Access: https://keppabit.com

Objection: No, its fake.
Answer: You can check for yourself, you have access to the deals, for free.

Objection: Why do you do this?
Answer: Making it easy to founders to use software, rather than spend thousands on it.

Objection: What's in it for me?
Answer: $6000 in credits for Notion, free Webflow promo codes, 3 months of Webflow CMS Plan, $70,000 in Stripe waived procesing fees.

Access: https://keppabit.com